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15 Unique Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

15 best almond French tips nails

Searching for the top almond nail art? If so, we've got you covered with our selection of this year's newest and most popular styles.

It makes sense why the almond is currently one of the most popular nail shapes. The shape, which resembles the nut of the same name, is delicate, refined, and unquestionably fashionable. Therefore, it makes sense why more and more women are choosing the shape of their fingers. The time has come to show off your almond-shaped nails, and we have the designs for you to do it. You can access fashion at your fingers with these almond-shaped nail designs, which come in a variety of colours and patterns, from bold and daring to soft and understated.

You'll particularly enjoy this nail shape because there are so many fashionable styles to pick from. Almost every design looks excellent with almond-shaped nails.

Read on because this post will show you 21 designs that you should definitely try for your almond nails if you are eager to try out almond nails but are unclear of what designs to choose.

1.The Tiger's Year

Emily drew a tiger-print French with the traditional colours of red, black, and gold in honour of the Lunar New Year. She personally love creating creative variations on the traditional French manicure because they really complement almond nails. French tips look wonderful on a variety of nail shapes, but almond nails especially.

2.vibrant cheetah

After a week of solid lavender polish (DND's Kazoo Purple), Grace Smith kept the celebration going by hand-painting cheetah print in a darker purple over the base. Even nail artists want to maintain their manicures for as long as possible. Smith enjoys making nail-lengthening art. She adds that using any kind of vertical lines or highlighting the tip with a French manicure always looks stunning. However, feel free to use that "line," which in this instance assumes the form of cheetah print, in interesting ways.

3.The Cruella

Vertical lines are used in this manicure's color-swapped hearts and dripping black paint to emphasise the nail's length and shape. Never before has traditional black and white looked so fierce. Do you have the urge to acquire several Dalmatians right now?

4.Neon Twist

Although Emily originally created this look to match with her Halloween costume. we believe it works even if you aren't dressing up as a cartoon bad guy. It's actually a rather simple manicure that you can copy at home: paint half of the nails in one colour, then add a half-French tip to finish.

5.Lost Tortoise

We'll recall these nail art styles in a few years and say, "That's precisely what 2023 looked like." French, tortoise, and mix-and-match trends are combined by nail artist Elle Gerstein while still producing a unified overall look. According to Gerstein, this look can only be achieved using gel polish. The layering required numerous UV cures, but the effort was well worth it in the end.

6.Crystal Cosmic

With or without the starry stickers, this gentle appearance, inspired by a calcite crystal, conveys peace and stability. OPI Angel Flights to Starry Nights, the gel polish variation, served as the base for Gerstein's design. She tells to Allure, "Instead of curing [the base], I took a sheer white and marbled that into the blue while the gel was still wet to get it faintly swirling." She next applied a matte varnish, let it dry again, added gold star and moon stickers, and sealed it with a shine nail polish when the marble had been UV-cured.

7. The Swoops

Courtesy of ManiMe

One benefit of using a nail wrap or sticker is that it can be trimmed and filed to suit any nail, regardless of length or shape. Since any nail shape can use this ManiMe wrap created by Mimi D, we feel obligated to point out that almond nail lovers should absolutely use it. Another interpretation of a French, this one maintains the classic hues while extending the tip into a wider, more abstract sweep.

8.Psychedelic Swiggles

The large surface area of almond-shaped nails makes them the ideal foundation for swirling patterns like this one.


Shiny Star Nails

So sweet and soothing. The sparkling tips are the ideal compliment to an almond-shaped nail, even though the stars are undoubtedly the highlight of this manicure.

10.Doodle Nails

Consider your manicure to be a scrapbook and choose a unique design for each nail. Not only is it adorable, but it's also a fantastic method to practise nail art.

11.Lovely Hearts

The cutest manicure ever combines a rainbow of tiny hearts and mismatched tips. Heart-shaped stickers take getting the look oneself one step further.

12.abstract artwork

Treat your nails like a canvas and draw inspiration from abstract art for a stunning manicure.

13. Floral French

Black Flora french tips and bright daisies make an unlikely yet excellent pairing.

14.Light pink

A timeless pale pink will always look good. Even on shorter nails, an almond shape and delicate gold rings appear simple and charming.

15.Lavender Ombré

As much gradient as your nails can fit is displayed in this ManiMe nail wrap. Icy blue and lavender aren't the most obvious colour combinations, but the designers obviously know how to combine uncommon tones for an eye-catching mash-up.


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